Bridge construction systems                      

Drainage and tele-technology(PP, HD-PE, GRP) DWD Flow (PP,HD-PE,GRP)

Bridge gullies

Drainage filters

Cornice boards

Assembly of engineering facilities drainage


Sewerage systems, watertight connection bells

Watertight connection bells

Wells, cisterns, mouldings and fittings of GRP

Odor absorbers

Fittings to all pipe types

Wells, cisterns, mouldings and fittings of PP and PE


Customized manufacturing services

Products of GRP composites

Polymer concrete products

PE and PP products

Rubber products

Steel and aluminum


Commercial and Industrial Construction

Siphonic roof drainage system

Skylight systems

Roof accessories


Assembly Services

Installation of drainages bridges

Installation of drainage of enclosed structures

Corrosion prevention of concrete

Insulation spray


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